---The importance of Your needs---

Jewelry is one of these outfit elements which pays particular attention to the chosen parts of a body, emphasizes the outwear and individual style - and keeps an eye on the outlook details.
Also, its parameters impact on the whole look – slenderizing, modifying and underlining the natural body part curves, so it is extremely important to design, match and prepare jewelry for the adequate purposes in considered way.

For this reason, it is extremely important for me to understand Your needs, which I take as a prior, to prepare designs that will perfectly match:

  •  if You are Business Orderer – to Your fashion collections, line of Your clothes style, to Your Customer’s needs and fashion forecasts;
  • if You are an Individual Orderer – to Your personal style, individual needs, body shape and actual fashion trends.
To become the final project, Your unique, perfectly suited piece of an art requires, at first, some basic informations.

So as far as You are interested in ordering, please, before You send an order message, take a moment to consider and describe Your needs to make Your e-mail more precise.

Specifying the description, You can refer to some example questions and points, presented below.

--- 6 Order description points---

------ THE TYPE ------  
What type of jewellery do You need? Earring, bracelet, ankle bracelet, necklace, pendant, choker? Or maybe would You like to ask about different type of jewelry, like armlets, hair accessories, headbands or brooches?

------ THE QUANTITY ------
Do You need a single item, or maybe a partial jewelry set (e.g. bracelet and earrings), or full jewelry set ([1] earrings + [2] bracelet/ankle bracelet + [3] necklace/pendant/choker)?
Maybe would You like to get designed the line of jewellery items for Your line of clothes, or maybe would You like to get a one, dedicated collection of jewelry, available just in Your shop? How many items would You consider or how many items for which type of jewelry would You probably need?

------ THE COLORS ------
(Option A: alternative to the Stone Types)
Describe the colors of the product(s): would You­ like to have it in blues, bright blues, deep blues? Should it be monochromatic colors, two-dominant colors engaging, or colorful?
Please, remember that the color of the product always bases on the diversity of color within used particular stones and their availability. So the colors always depend on the different type of stones and some of their features.

------ THE STONE TYPES* ------
  (Option B: alternative to the colors)
Because of extremely huge variety of the stones – including their shapes, sizes, textures, colours and other features, one product is filled with various stones. Matching them properly is essential to create the final look.

If You are more, over the color, concerned about the type of the stones used in the final artwork – for example on using, additionally or mainly, certain type of stone(s) in Your product (like birthstones, star sign stone, healing purposes stones) – include this information in the description and precise the type of stones You would like to have used.

And if it is also important for You to use just one or two, precised type of stones – without any other stones in your product, please mention it in the description needs - otherwise I’ll match to the types of stones You choose also other, colour-matching stones, which will look the best way with these chosen by You.

Please, remember, that particular type of stones naturally occurs in narrow variety of colours (like turquoises [blue/green], corals [red], ambers [yellow], etc.).

*Stone-type option excludes stone-color option.
You can choose one of two (A or B) options for every ordered single item.

Depending on Your preferences, I prepare the item suited to Your own style, to the clothes collection-needed style, or Your specified customers’ style.

This point is to know what sort of Your style is, what You really like or what kind of style in jewelry line would Your fashion collection need.

This is where You might share with me some example pictures of the, similar to mine, jewelry, that has already inspired You; jewelry with patterns or shapes You have already liked or which style would be close to the needed one.

Example pictures of similar artworks or lines of designed clothes that jewellery might be dedicated to, would also help me to predict the style and shape which You, Your Customers, Your Audience or Your fashion collection might like the most.

Although almost all the Yay! jewellery items are adjustable in length, some of its parameters for the particular jewelry types should be claimed before the ordering procedure starts.

If You are interested in ordering jewelry like:
  • BRACELETS - measure Your [1] wrist or ankle girth – you can use a simple thread for this.
    You should also define two values: [2] the maximum bracelet width You would accept and [3] Your preferred width for bracelet. These datas are essential as far they indicate the possible and final bracelet shape and provide its best hand fit.
Please note that most of bracelets are also adjustable in length up to 1-2 inches to bigger length circuits, depending on their shape, so are able to fit almost all standard wrist sizes.

*If you wish to have a wrist- or ankle-wrapped bracelet, You should also define [4*] wrap quantity, which means how many times You would like to wrap bracelet around Your wrist or ankle.
  • CHOKERS/PENDANTS/NECKLACES - measure Your [1] neck circuit.
     ---For the chokers You should define also [2] the maximum choker width You would accept and [3] Your preferred width for it.
     ---For pendants You should also define [2] preferred length approximately, as normally pendants are hanged on cut pendant organza ribbon, or wax cord(s).
You don’t have to define the length for statement necklaces or chokers, as far as these types of jewelry are additionally length adjustable between 2-4 inches (5-10cm) approximately, depending on their shape.

Please notice that normally statement necklaces are not longer than approximately 18-20” in circuit, depending on the necklace features. Also, statement necklaces are – almost always – adjustable in length to smaller length circuits, to mould perfectly. Therefore the statement necklaces match all the standard neck sizes.

To visualize the lengths You can refer to necklace length charts, available in Google Graphics.


Depending on the product type, preferred shape, size and pattern, materials, stone shapes and colours availability, the process of creating the design, preparing the materials, hand crafting the individual prototype and shipping the finished artwork, may take 2 weeks up to 2 months.

To get the overstandard length or use the same product in a diferrent way (change wrist bracelet into an ankle bracelet through length extending), there is a possibility to order an additional Yay! length extension.

The price is set individually and requires an advance payment, which is the half of the total cost.

Do You have any questions? Would You like to know something more before You decide to order? Do You want to consult something? Need an opinion?

Contact me directly:

It is the pleasure for me to serve the support, suggest and give a helpful hand.
You can always expect my response.

Happy ordering!