---------- ABOUT YAY! -----------

---Where did the Yay! come from?---

Yay! is a jewelry trademark created by Nina Yay - young Polish Jewellery Designer and the 1st prize Laurate of the International Contest for the Design of an Artistic Jewellery with Amber Accompanying, „AMBERIF” (2015).

Nina Yay’s neverending fascination in spiritual, meditative and aware living fields, with her strong inner-need to live in the constant process of broadening own perspectives, summed into the Yay! unique, jewelry projects, inspired with mandalas, ornaments, zentangles and Art Nouveau style drawing shapes and turned into 100% hand made, one of a kind jewellery, filled with good vibes and a drop of Universe.

---What is the Yay! jewellery made of?---

Yay! jewelry products are made of natural-origin and highest quality materials, such as:
  •  Silver, commonly known of its antibacterial and healing properties,
  •  Gemstones and semi-precious stones (baltic ambers, garnets, sapphires, hematites, amethysts, turquoises, lapis lazulis, malachites, opals, agates, tourmalines, etc.),
  •  Natural rocks and minerals (veolcanic rocks, quartzes, etc.),
  •  Glass (crystal glass, murano glass, Preciosa glass beads),
  •  Swarovski Crystals.

Each model is finished with Yay! original, sterling silver, hand-made button clasp.

---What are the Yay!'s features?---

Jewellery by Nina Yay perfectly matches even to the littlest black dresses, changing simple evening wear and casual clothes into these dedicated for the most exclusive and extravagant events.
To the woman who wears it, jewelry adds wondrous charm, style and class, paying attention with its subtle shine at the best women assets and emphasising her one of a kind personality.

The jewellery which is designed and made for an individual order can also provide a healing properties of stones and minerals, being used in a product adequately to some healing requirements, Customer’s star sign, personality and personal preferences or needs.

---What about sizes?---

Adjustable length in almost all bracelets, necklaces and chokers enables the perfect fitting for most of the standard woman sizes. Some of appropriately labeled models are able to be worn creatively, which means can be worn e.g. both as the necklace and the choker; as the necklace and the double-banded bracelet; or as the bracelet and the ankle bracelet, depending on the individual needs and occasions. 

With an additional, individually adjustable Yay! jewellery extension, all standard Yay! jewelry models
fit also untypical sizes and might be wearable in creative ways, e.g. a wrist bracelet might be worn as an ankle bracelet to underline legs shape or become a decorative part of much-loved pair of shoes.


This amazing jewellery, made with great taste and a scrupulous attention to details, makes one of a kind look and seduces others with its elegant and exclusive design.

Finally, it’s been created to support You in externalising Your natural Beauty to the whole World.

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