Together might be a powerful word. But for me Together isn’t only a word – for me it’s important value that lets Us to connect our skills, strenghts and talents in searching for the new opportunities, in creating new paths and in turning them into a finished, worth the time projects that might some day change somebody else’s reality and become an incredible inspiration for the Others. And every single, realized dream, started its journey as a simple idea that became a piece-of paper-written goal.

This is why I sincerely believe that saying „Alone we go faster - Together we go further” is not without merit – and I know even more – that working Together we can have much more fun and create valuable moments than when we spend this time, working on any project, alone. What’s more, Together we can concentrate on these particular things we are best in to mix it in one of a kind project and to reach incomparable achievements.

--- For this reason, I would like to kindly invite to collaboration: ---

  1. Fashion and Style Designers;
  2. Goldsmith and Jewellery Companies, Businesses, Organizations, Shops, Boutiques interested in broaden their products offer with Company-name dedicated gemstone jewellery collections from YAY!;
  3. Fashion, Style and related fields Bloggers, Writers, Copywriters and Journalists 
  4. Fashion Photographers,
  5. Fashion Shows, Festivals, Runways Organizators, Managers, Marketers and Specialists
  6. Art Galleries and Exhibitions Organizators,
  7. Fashion, Style and Trends Magazines, Websites & Portals Specialists and New Media Creators.
  8. Fashion Forecasting Specialists and Trendsetters,
  9. Social Media and Fashion Media Marketers…

… but also Fashion Enthusiasts, Freelancers, Boho – Bohemian – Hippy – Gypsy style Lovers, Pinterest Marketing Practictioners, E-Marketing Enjoyers and other reflective, spiritual and visionary Souls: Painters, Artists, Comic Drawers, T-shirt maniacs – I would love to meet You and Your bug!

I enjoy to work together on new projects and ideas: E-book together? Fashion photography session? Fashion Festival? Why not! So even if You don’t see Yourself matching any of the above, no worries -  if You can see that we have or might have a common-field where we can meet on to mix our skills and ideas and create something new – don't hesitate to let me know!

Send me a direct message at: contact@ninayay.com and we consider how we can link our ideas!

...Finally - there’s always a drop of magic in anything we create Together.

---What do I provide generally?---

  • Renting jewellery for the fashion events such as exhibits, runways and fashion photography sessions or similar purposes;
  • Designing and creating dedicated gemstone jewellery YAY! collections for the Jewellery Companies and Businesses – including promotion of the Jewellery Companies, where YAY! jewellery collection is available;
  • Designing and creating jewellery and accessories perfectly matched to Fashion Designer’s Clothing Line and Collection needs;
  • Designing and creating personalized jewelry that suits individual needs, including stone & crystal healing purposes, psychology of colour influences, zodiac birthstone or star sign impacts, personal style-matched jewelry design and bestly fit combinatioin of all: shape, colour, gemstone composition to create a personalized piece of an Art – available just for You. 

---What I may provide?---

  •  Sponsorship: Fashion events and competitions sponsoring with an Item – including single artworks, jewellery, jewelry sets or accessories;
  • Barter system-based various range of promotion and marketing opportunities;
  • Sponsored blog or social media posts;
  • Knowledge in the subject of goldsmith & jewellery field, gemstone healing, zentangles, coaching, creative thinking skills trainings and effective searching for an inspiration techniques.