The Yay! is one of a kind jewellery, made with the great taste and a scrupulous attention to details, that seduces with its elegant and exclusive design and looks even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures.

The jewellery created with love by Nina Yay owes this effect to the precise implementation of uniqely designed projects and the highest quality of used materials, such as: Swarovski Crystals, gemstones and semi-precious stones in the best cuts (e.g. baltic ambers, garnets, sapphires, hematites, amethysts, turquoises,  lapis lazulis, malachites, opals, agates, tourmalines and others), natural rocks and minerals (e.g. veolcanic rocks, quartzes), crystal glass, murano glass, Preciosa glass beads and silver.

Each model is finished with the original Yay! button clasp, made of the highest purity, 925 sterling silver, which is commonly known of its antibacterial and healing properties. The jewellery doesn’t sensitise and doesn't cause any allergic reactions.

The Yay! jewellery perfectly matches even to the littlest black dresses, changing simple evening wear and casual clothes into these destined for the most exclusive and extravagant events. To the woman who wears it, jewelry adds wondrous charm, style and class, paying attention with its subtle shine at the best women assets and emphasising her one of a kind personality.

Please take a while to get inspired with the Yay! examplary artworks. Taste the flavour of Yay! jewelry nature, which is all about the elegance, the details and the unique, strictly personalized look.